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May 6, 2008

Fire Warden Training

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fire warden training

Fire Warden Training / Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training : Under current fire legislation employers are required to provide training in the actions to be taken in the event of fire. To assist you in meeting this requirement we offer a comprehensive range of fire warden training and safety training courses covering all relevant procedures and requirements.

It is important for your fire warden to fully understand what causes a fire, how a fire can spread and how a fire can be controlled. The fire warden / fire marshall should also be fully competent and confidentwith using a fire extinguisher. Our fire warden training courses will ensure your appointed fire wardens have the required knowledge to minimise the risk of a fire, and be able to act swiftly and efficiently should a fire start in your premises.

We do not sell fire equipment so you can rest assured that all of our training and advice is independent and not sales driven.

Fire Warden Training / Fire Marshall Training Courses

  • 2 Hour Training Course – For Basic Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Warden Training / Fire Warden Training Course
  • Full Day Training Course – For fire wardens and fire safety managers

The service Assessco has provided has been very professional. We would be happy to recommend them to other organisations for fire risk assessments and fire safety training

N.D.Fairbairn, Westminster Cathedral.

Click here for help with your fire warden training and fire safety training or call us on 07703 180299


What Fire Warden training is available to help Fire Wardens and Fire Marshalls?

We run a fire warden training course that is designed to help fire wardens/fire marshalls to understand their responsibilities and the role of a fire warden in the event of a fire, including emergency procedures, means of escape, using a fire extinguisher and more, for details of this course click the link below or call our hotline.

Do you need assistance with conducting and observing fire evacuation drills?

As an additional part of a training program or as a separate event we can observe and report on fire evacuation drills, many of our customers find this in-valuable where drills are not coming up to scratch. We can recommend actions and processes that may help.

Call us now for more information on how we can help you, 07703 180299

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